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Need for First Aid Kit

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

It is best to have a first aid kit at home or while traveling. Having a first aid kit can save someone’s life in serious accidents. Accidents at home happen frequently than we realize. Like choking, burns, falls and poisoning. This encourages us to have first aid kit at home for emergency purposes. Mostly a kit is used for minor injuries like cuts, bites or sunburns.

Make sure you know how to use it. Have a reliable guide in your kit. In a first aid kit, it should contain instruments like tweezers, scissors, tapes, bandages and sterile gauze. Have an over the counter medicines like for coughs and fevers.

Avoid using over the counter antibiotic ointment for most fresh and clean wounds because it will, in the majority of instances, delay the natural wound healing. When in doubt, consult your personal health care provider. Very few health care provider will give this particular advice.

Always update your medicines to get rid of expired ones. It is recommendation to check your kit once a year. Replace medicines that have been used or that has expired. In storing your fist aid kit, store it in a bag or container that will sure keep your kit dry and clean. Keep it in a place accessible at home. Make sure that every member in the house knows where it was place. This can save your families life.